News on Bild : New App coordinates child care

Organization is all in the life of Katharina Schiederig (35). In the morning she makes her two boys Paul (4, yellow toothbrush) and Moritz (3, green toothbrush) start.

Her partner brings the two into the Berlin daycare center . There he places a door key for the neighbor, who will pick up the children in the afternoon. She writes a message to her on the way to work: The Kita door code has changed. Oh yes, this information needs the babysitter for tomorrow also need.

"It is very exhausting to run the cynic all the time, thinking about these millions of small things," says Katharina Schiederig. "My idea: We need a digital family refrigerator, to which we can attach all important information."

The app "DigiSitter" will be released soon, which is due to start this summer . The platform synchronizes work and private calendars from the people who look after children, simplifies their organization.

Schiederig: "I post for example" Who can pick up my son tomorrow? ". My personal network - grandmother, neighbors, professional babysitter agencies - is informed about a hand message, responds. That saves me a lot of calls. "

The platform is to be marketed by large companies, which offer their employees family-friendly care facilities. "In the struggle for the best workforce, companies can no longer afford to offer a care model from the last century," she says.

As a female start-up founder, Schiederig is a minority in Germany. The Vodafone Institute has therefore launched the F-Lane program. Vodafones Germany's boss Hannes Ametsreiter (50): "Only 14 percent of all start-ups in Germany are founded by women. This is still far too little. We want to change that with F-Lane. "

Schiederig and four other women will receive advice, workrooms, networks, exchange with established founders - and 12,500 euros in the next six weeks. As a sponsor she accompanies Benedikt Franke, co-founder of the successful plastering platform Helpling.